Monday, November 30, 2009

Dominguez Canyon

Dominguez Canyon (not far from Grand Junction, Colorado), is a magical wonderland of fun bouldering and potential rock climbing--now a Wilderness Area thanks to a lot of heard work from the Uncompahgre Valley Association As such, bolting is not an option, a good and bad thing; good for visual pollution, noise, and overuse...but bad for safety.

The Following Photos were taken by Jean Jullien (Juju), who just bought his first SLR (Canon 5d).
Damon, on the FA of a stellar arette V0 Problem. The photo below this was the way down the other side. A bit high-ball. But fun climbing!

Another amazing boulder, there are two proud lines on the boulder, but bring a rope, and watch the top is tricky V4.
Damon at the base of a potential thin to wide hands crack...there are others even better.

The following photos are from the author (Damon Johnston):

Dominguez Petros, there are many more like this one if you know where to look.Jean Jullien (Juju) sitting by the falls about an hour and change up the trail.
Daiva, playing the sliver of a boulder just off the trail...Daiva in the tea cup boulder looking out to the rest of the canyon.Another Petro...which I could read these!
If you look in this photo, you can make out the arette boulder that Juju took a photo of me climbing (first shot in series).Daiva, on the bridge just before sunset...we will be back.