Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lizard Head, San Juan, Colorado – Summit Register – 1998 – 2007

This spring (2008) Keith Brown and I climbed Lizard Head. It had been a few years for me and Keith had last stood on the summit in 1979. When we arrived at the top and opened up the summit register cylinder we discovered a rich history of ascents at risk of being lost forever. The years of wind, rain, snow, and electrical storms have managed to penetrate the solid 1/4 inch thick and capped iron cylinder—to our dismay many of the contents inside the cylinder were damp, torn, and in overall shabby condition. To preserve the register information from being lost forever to the elements I decided to take the register notes and photo-archive them for future generation to enjoy. These register notes have a date-range from 1998 to 2007/08—we did leave the most recent register note in place. Please enjoy the many interesting discoveries about who has climbed lizard head and their impressions of their experiences. Who knows, you may see something that you put down during your own ascent?