Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tabeguache Climbing Area

Tabeguache climbing area is a hidden treasure sporting just over 14 bolted sport routes; albeit not easy to find, located well off the beaten path and easier to show on a map than to attempt to describe in words. But here goes; From Naturita, make a right on 97 (this will take you right to Nucla). Once in Nucla continue north to the end of town—continue straight along this road (97/Main St), it will begin heading west/left. Right on 27 Rd., stay left (27 Rd. will head off to the right)…you will now be on AA Rd (heading west). Right at Z26 Rd (north), and make a left at the “T” (staying on Z26 Rd.). This road will descend into a canyon and back up to a mesa. Once on the mesa heading north about a mile or so, look for a two-track road on the right (take this right). In a little ways you should pass an old crane (from the 50’s), then a fence (leave it how you found it). Then you come to a 4-way intersection (of the two-track dirt road type)—continue straight (same direction you are heading). From this intersection drive about 1/4 mile…look for an even less distinguishable road on your left—take it. This road will continue for some time and eventually begin to head left/west—this is the roughest part of the drive…look for a big, flat and seemingly open area to park. Look for a trail that heads to the top of the cliff—head left along the cliff. You will see anchors along the top of the cliff. Rap in or look for the weakness in the cliff (about 10 minutes hike). Also see The Wild Wild West climbing guide for a map (p. 172). I will create topo’s for this area in the future (as soon as I can use Illustrator on my MacBook Pro). Photo: Charlie Fowler on The Clean Air Standard, 5.11-. Other *** (three star) routes include Lichen It Alot, 5.10-, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, 5.11-, and Fair And Balanced, 5.11.